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Accounts Dashboard

What I Have ? Need To Pay ?

Accounts dashboard helps to monitor on time business level. on the click of each element, its display complete statements. 

A business owner always need to be analyze  assets and liabilities ratio. AccroBIZ Dashboard placed on your main screen.

No need high effort & Time. AccroBIZ automatically manage everything. 

What I Have ?

Cash On Hand
Cash On Bank Accounts
Available Stocks
Fixed Assets ( Land, Vehicles, Furniture Etc..)
Pending Balance From Customers
Loan Receivables

What I Need To Pay ?

Pending Balance For Suppliers
Loan Payables

today's Dashboard

Today's Sales. Purchases. Receipts. Payments.

Today’s Dashboard, It’s make easy for daily performance analysis.

  • Today’s Total Sales Value.
  • Today’s Total Purchases Value.
  • Today’s Total Receipts.
  • Today’s Total Payments.
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